How to resolve : Internal Server Error when accessing cpanel/WHM/Webmail

Imagine you are accessing your Website WHM or cPanel or Webmail hosted (in your VPS) and what if you see this

Image showing the issue

How to solve this

Pre-Requisites : You should have Shell access (as root) to the Node server.

Mostly this happens due to inode issue. The inodes allocated to the server maybe full. inode is a data structure on a traditional Unix-style file system such as UFS. An inode stores basic information about a regular file, directory, or other file system object.


Say we are logged into the Node Server. There we are going to list all the Containers existing on the Hardware Node. By default, only running Containers are shown.

[root@linuxvps1 ~]# vzlist -a
100     18  running  WEB.EXAMPLE.COM
101     63  running  –
102     169 running
103     81  running
78965   236 running

Assume your container is 103. So simply enter into 103 by this command

[root@linuxvps1 ~]# vzctl enter 103

Check if the inodes are full in the container

[root@linuxvps1 ~]# df -i

Most Probably it should display something like this :

Filesystem      Inodes      IUsed       IFree     IUse%      Mounted on
/dev/vzfs       200000      200000       0         100%       /
none            65536       95           65441     1%         /dev

Bang ! The inodes on /dev/vzfs mounted on / are full. You’ve to go nowhere else to see why that error was delivered. A simple solution will work out, you’ve to increase the inode limit. You’ve two options, either through Shell or through the Node Control Panel (like Parallels Infrastructure Manager)

First we will go through Shell mode with this command :

[bash]$ vzctl set veid –diskinodes softlimit:hardlimit [/bash]

Where ‘veid’ is the VPS ID

[bash]root@linuxvps1 ~]# vzctl set 103 –diskinodes 7680100:7680200[/bash]

Second we are going for Node Control Panel. In the infrastructure, you will see your VPS with a ! sign. That indicates your VPS is having some sort of issue.

So you’ve seen the Alert. Next access the VPS, go to Resources tab. I’m sorry to tell you that I grabbed this screenshot after resolving the issue, but it will help you anyway

You should see the ‘Disk Inodes’ is full under ‘Disk Usage’ category (Here it is not !). Next Click Configure to settle this one

See the Highlighted part, the inodes should be limited to some size. Increase it or remove the check mark to make it unlimited.  Make sure you save the changes. Now try again accessing cpanel/WHM/Webmail. It should load with out any issues.That makes a smile in your face, isn’t it ? ;)

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