Per Chat Support – Sales/Billing/Product Per chat Live Chat support for your business functions like Sales and Billing on per chat basis with 24/7 availability to ensure best customer support for your clients.
Technical Support-  VoIP / Game Servers This is a per server helpdesk support plan for VoIP / Game Server. The plan provides unlimited helpdesk support for all levels of issues on server basis.
Technical Support – Web Hosting Servers The plan provides unlimited helpdesk support for all levels of technical issues for a webhosting server with guaranteed response and resolution time.
VPS – Security Audit Addon VPS security audit addon helps you to secure your VPS servers from common vulnerabilities such as hacks, application vulnerabilities, security breaches, malwares, web abuses, network abuses etc.
VPS Support – Commercial VPS support for commercial web hosting which includes helpdesk support, VPS monitoring, software installations and free server administration hours.
VPS Support – Personal VPS support for personal and non-commercial VPS hosting such as charity organization websites, community websites, Alumni group websites etc.
Help Desk Support – Level 3 Level 3 helpdesk support involves identification and resolution of escalated issues and complex operations such as abuse management, vulnerability resolution, optimization, server customization etc.
Level 3 Tickets Opting for Level 3 Tickets would enable you to do Server optimization, Data recovery, Cyber forensics, VPS node management related issues, Cloud infrastructure related issues.
Level 2 Tickets Level 2 Tickets plan is an addon for building a custom plan. This is a very much similar to Level 2 Helpdesk Support. Under this plan you can customize the number of issues you would like us to handle
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