5 questions to ask your backup management service provider

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Published on: July 20, 2018 by Rachel Jeffry

5 questions to ask your backup management service provider


Backup helps to restore the files after the occurrence of any damage or deletion. Data backup is essential for protection against data loss. You should clearly have an idea about the following questions before you choosing the provider.

1. What are the benefits of the backup management service provider?

  • Manage and protect the important data in secure facilities or data centers for the future.
  • Ensure data backup and disaster recovery which improve the quality and reliability of computers and networks.

  • Keeps the data safe daily with improved security using firewalls, anti-virus and so on.

  • Lower cost and has higher reliability which reduces system downtime.

  • Increases service levels and performance which offers 24x7x365 support with fast response time.

  • Protect our networks from hackers and cyber-criminals. Ensure that our service has regular security testing and 24/7 monitoring for attacks.

  • Contains centralized network servers and applications.

  • Improved speed of data recovery regardless of the location.

  • Enhanced security which provides data protection and recovery include encryption method throughout the data transfer and storage.

  • Most frequent and consistent backups are provided which ensures the most recent version of data is available for recovery.

2. What kind of support do you provide?

We provide 24x7x365 Live chat support and ticketing procedure with quick response time also we have phone support. The data backup is taken on a regular basis and we have an efficient recovery plan. We will respond quickly to your needs and problems. It will help your company grow to the next level by saving money and improve efficiency on technology.

3. What kind of Backup and Restoration do you use?

We provide full backup which is the full copy of the entire dataset. It provides the best protection that helps us to grow to high levels, data security, and prevention of malware and computer viruses. Restoration is done very carefully after getting confirmation from the customer.

We use the latest backup for restoration.

4. What is online backup service providers?

An online backup service is one of the best ways to protect the business against the loss of precious data, whether it’s the result of a crashed hard disk or an accidental deletion. Online backup is also known as cloud backup. It scans the hard drive for files to protect, encrypt them for security, and send them up to the cloud. There are three options for cloud backup services:

  • Backing up to a service provider: An organization writes data to a cloud service provider with backup services in a managed data center.

  • Backing up directly to the public cloud: This method requires writing data directly to cloud service providers such as Microsoft Azure and AWS(Amazon Web Services).

  • Cloud to cloud backup: In this option, the data is copied to another cloud.

5. How are costs determined?

There are many different services from a backup managed service provider, such as full 24/7 tech support, addressing security and backup and setting up networks. You can also bring in tech support for your most important business applications, such as disaster recovery or backup functions. The cost determines basically by the total amount of data being backed up, the number of machines where the backup is coming from and the number of versions of the data files being stored will frame into the cost of the service. If the capacity exceeded, the cost will be increased. Also, additional charges will occur as your needs change. In some cases, services limit the entire quantity of data that can be restored to the servers and, once the data limit is exceeded, you may be charged additional fees.

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Rachel Jeffry

Rachel Jeffry

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Backup Management

Published on: December 16, 2014 by Maddy Mattocks

Backup Management


Data security and data backup availability are critical for any organization. Our backup management plan supports all types of backup methodologies such as full backups, incremental backups, differential backup, mirror backup, Continuous data protection (CDP) and application driven backups like cPanel backups, Plesk backups, DA backups, R1soft backup etc.

The plan covers operations such as backup server setup, scheduling of backup, data encryption and verification of backups generated, backup agent software management, bandwidth monitoring, backup server security administration, remote backup setup, capacity planning for backup system etc. To ensure continuous data availability and reliability the plan offers regular manual monitoring and follow up of backup cron notifications, disk space verification checks, network performance analysis, access and privilege restrictions, backup server health evaluation etc.

Ability to include custom backups such a MySQL db, Mails, application data etc makes this affordable plan an essential one for those who values their customer’s data.

Maddy Mattocks

Maddy Mattocks

Maddy has been with the industry for the last 12 years and is an Account Manager for few of our customers. He loves to optimize the webserver, database and is interested in setting up high performance clusters.

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