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If you wish to minimize service interruptions to your clients due to billing issues, then a billing chat support team is an essential one. Instant 24/7 assistance for billing operations such as invoice generation, invoice cancellation, service renewals, payment date extension, billing address modification, affiliate program activation, service reactivation, login reset, domain transfer, domain ownership change, domain renewal, package upgrade and downgrade, service cancellation, refunds etc. can be provided through Live chat support.

Each member in the live chat billing support team undergoes extensive training in various live chat systems with emphasis on quality customer support. Availability of custom training for your environments and policies enables these English proficient billing chat operators to provide truly transparent billing support for your clients.

The live chat team plan for billing also offers chat escalations, transfer of chats, multiple simultaneous chat support, promotional offer support, Level1 technical support etc. and has wide acceptance across various segments of web hosting industry.

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