Blog migration across WordPress hosting accounts

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Published on: September 29, 2015 by Vishnu Sasidharan

Blog migration across WordPress hosting accounts


Blogs can be hosted in various blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr. When it comes to WordPress migrations, the fact is that many of them do not allow FTP access to any blogs. Usually there are also no backup option in blog’s admin panel to do this. Moreover, we cannot install backup plugins on these blogs for security reasons.

You should use an alternative method to migrate the blogs from these platforms to a self hosted account.

At Source :

  1. Login to WordPress blog. Go to “Tools” menu and select “Export”.

export-tool (1)


2. This will take you to new page where you will be asked to choose between Free or Guided Transfer.
Choose “Export” option to transfer the files for free.



3. Next page, you will be asked to choose the contents to be exported. Select “All Content” and press the Download Export File button.

This will download an XML file which will contain all data including images, posts, comments etc.

Screenshot from 2015-08-22 11-55.43

At Destination :

1.  You should have to install WordPress at the destination host as first step. This can be done through auto installers like Softaculous or through server back end.

Once the WordPress is installed, login to wp-admin and click on Tools —> Import.




2. Then select “WordPress” and you will be prompted to install WordPress Importer plugin.

Once the plugin files are downloaded, select the “Activate Plugin & Run Importer” link.



3. This will redirect you to the plugin page where you will be asked to upload your XML file. When you start uploading, you will be asked to choose a new user or existing one as the author of the pages and posts to be imported.

Importing images:

Please make sure to check “Download and Import file attachments” so that images and other attachments will be also imported.

The “Download and Import file attachments” option turns out it is a feature of blog version 2.5 or higher. If you don’t find this option or if there are any issues in importing the images you should also try using the plugins like SEO blogger, Attachment Importer, Blogger Importer etc. If none of the options work, then you should have to import the images manually.


Click on “Submit” and you would have completed the WordPress migrations


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