Cost effectively manage RTO/ RPO metrics using AWS Backups

Executive Summary

Customer Challenge:

Phygicart is an e-commerce website running on Laravel, an open-source PHP framework using MySQL database.

Customer was looking for a permanent solution to tackle frequent downtime of the website, that also without spending anything extra. In addition to that,  they needed the RTO and RPO to be less than 6 hours, also accelerating the website speed was vital.

With the initial provider they were experiencing recurrent downtime especially when a minimum of 100 users visits the site simultaneously. That was impacting their customer’s shopping experience and forced the client to move the workload to AWS. Moreover, this site had exposed to hacker attacks and hence security was a prime concern.

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Solution provided by SupportSages

To avoid any downtime we are managing both application and database in 2 different EC2 Machines. Initially, database was in RDS with performance insights enabled. We have evaluated the performance and optimised the database queries then the database was moved to a EC2 machine to reduce the cost.

We have used AWS Backup solution for taking the AMI backup every 12 hours with a retention period of 2 days. Also, we are taking database backup to S3 every 6 hours with a retention period of 7 days. This provided a better RTO and RPO as per the customers requirement.

Primary AWS services used: EC2, AWS Backup, S3, VPC

About the Customer

Phygicart is an e-commerce and a direct selling online platform. It has an innovative and breakthrough e-commerce business model, of the people, led by the people. Initiated from India, this model has been proven successful, legal and highly accepted at large by the people of UAE.

Architecture Diagram

Results and Benefits:

The EC2 instance type was chose based on their traffic. Also we were in the development phase on moving the application to ECS with autoscaling enabled.
Optimised the database queries and then moved the database from RDS to normal EC2 machine. By this we could

  • Reduce website slowness and downtime, ensure high uptime
  • Reduce overall cost
  • Ensure better RTO and RPO

AWS Backup is used for taking AMI backup and S3 for storing each database backup

Client's Testimonial

"SupportSages team worked side-by-side with us to transform our sales operations. With our platform hosted in AWS cloud, we now have complete visibility into everything from our supply chain to sales & pricing. Our partnership with SupportSages has proved to be an astute decision. From designing and developing a solution to migrate volumes of historical data to creating an auditable, unified, scalable platform, SupportSages has consistently demonstrated in-depth knowledge and expertise"
Anish K Joy
COO | Phygicart

About the Partner

SupportSages Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd

SupportSages Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd is an ISO 27001:2013 Certified Managed Service Provider based in South India. We are an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner and follows customer obsession of AWS with their customers as well. Launched as a Server Management Company in 2009, SupportSages evolved as a full-fledged Managed Service Provider over the years, offering CloudOps, DevOps and TechOps services. 


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