Dedicated Staff – Server Admin – Soldier

$999.00 / month

Category : Server Administrator

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If you wish to have a dedicated level1 server administrator, who works exclusively for you, then “Hire a Soldier” plan is the apt one. Each admin available under this remote dedicated staffing plan posses sufficient exposure to various web hosting technologies, good knowledge in common operating systems like Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, ability to develop scripts along with extensive training for web hosting support and helpdesk administration.

A hired dedicated admin can be given custom training for your requirements and are competent to handle Level1 technical issues, Level2 hosting issues and basic server administration. The plan is widely opted for dedicated frontline help desk support, server monitoring, server reboots, account migration, control panel administration, issue escalations etc. Availability of features such as shift reports, dedicated communication channels provide better control over the activities of the hired admin and enables them to have supervised learning.

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