Dedicated Staff- Server Admin – Zen Master

$2,499.00 / month

Category : Server Administrator

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Abundant and prominent experience on highly demanding and divers systems, extensive technical competency, excellent scripting skills, unending passion to follow and explore new developments in technical front, uncompromising attitude towards perfection etc. converts a 6+ year experienced server admin to a “Zen Master”. Our dedicated Level3E server administrator plan provides you the option to hire such seasoned server administrator for your dedicated support at affordable prices.

A Level3E admin involves with escalated and complex issues such as server performance optimization, disaster management and recovery, design and implementation of custom systems, fail over and redundancy systems, Server tweaking, kernel customization, vulnerability patching, security audit and enhancement, cyber forensics and server recovery, remote infrastructure management etc. and acts as reference point during critical operations. Their proficiency and knowledge makes them the true dependable dedicated server admins for all levels of server operations.

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