Server Administration – 30 Min.


Category : Server Management

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Instant server administration support for all levels of issues on Linux, FreeBSD, Unix, Windows servers is provided under this plan. This half hourly server administration plan offers highly competent ad hoc server administrator for emergency server management at an affordable rate.

The plan mainly deals with issues related with server administration such as application vulnerability management, Operating System issues, Kernel related problems, network issues, server load, performance issues, web abuse management, malware attacks, phishing, DMCA, Spamming, Spoofing, DOS, DDOS etc.

The plan is highly extensible and cost effective for server tasks such as script installations, server maintenance, service management, real time server monitoring, load management, server abuse handling, Hardware and network level issue resolutions, vulnerability management, application patching, customization, software updates etc.

This on demand sever administration plan is widely used for management of web hosting servers, mail servers, game servers, file servers, data base servers, DNS servers, clusters, VoIP servers etc, with or without control panels.

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