How to choose a Help Desk Support Provider?

Published on: June 25, 2018 by Angela Philip

How to choose a Help Desk Support Provider?


While choosing the best help desk support provider we should be more careful with its effectiveness and consistency.

There are some pits that we need to take care while choosing a right help desk support provider.

1) Budget for the Provider:-

Considering some factors while choosing the help desk, the cost may tend to increase a bit. But there are some vendors who will provide free versions. Examples of such vendors are Fresh desk, Zoho etc. The only disadvantage of the free versions is that the features provided are a bit scattered. But, it will give us a well-functioning Support center and we can scale up afterward.

2) Align the Resources That You Need:-

A helpdesk system will help the firm to manage the tickets smoothly. Customers will not be satisfied if the helpdesk fails to work efficiently. The striking feature here is the ticketing system as it helps the customers to issue tickets through mail at the instant they face an issue. We should categorize the tickets to certain departments such as technical, sales etc.. on the basis of these issues or needs. An escalation department is also a must for the helpdesk system.

Most of the helpdesk system provides chat support in which we can solve the issue then and there itself. Phone support is also provided on the basis of the importance of an issue. Apart from solving all types of issues, if we select specific channels, it will improve the customer experience.

3) Support in Language:-

English is considered the standard language by most of the providers as a part of easiness for communication. But some customers are causing difficulties in communication as part of this. In such cases, depending on the subscription, we can offer automatic translators such as Google Translate. As the company grows, we can allow a translated agent interface.

4) Availability of Support:

If we need a helpdesk with 24/7 customer service then we can go to the helpdesk which offers multiple business hours. This will help you to automatically respond to tickets. We can also set up agents for various hours to specific departments on that basis. Limiting your support availability to a few selected channels can help you improve the customer experience on those channels.

5) Monitoring the Helpdesk:

For the better performance of helpdesk, we will need to keep on monitoring the performance. The helpdesk should provide tracking features for tasks such as completed, assigned tickets, customer satisfaction etc. This will give the performance result of our Helpdesk as a whole. From that, we can improve the performance and take needful steps. Helpdesk like Zendesk, Kayako and Happy fox allow custom, scheduled reporting on the mid-tier plans. If you have a larger team, then you can go through the following steps:

1. One junior level customer service person

2. A couple of help desk power users

3. A manager or senior leader

The whole evaluation team will have to look at the same tool at the same time, rather than each person reviewing a different option in order to increase the performance. You can also get a feedback from the customers to know if everything is going fine.

6) Database Driven:

One of the important requirements is that system should be run by a database. It is very important for the flow of business to keep the data backups (will be much easier with a database). So always give the performance to a database driven system.

7) Security:

In a ticketing system, many personal data has to be exchanged to and from clients. In many cases, your ticketing system will be passing data of client back and forth. This data might contain passwords, addresses, names, and other sensitive information that has to be taken care of. Don’t let the outsiders let their eyes on to it. Always make sure that the tool you select is secured in both environment and data transfer. If you are using an email-driven ticketing system, please consider the use of SSL or some form of encryption.

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Angela Philip

Angela Philip

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