Linux:Skel directory

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Published on: October 14, 2014 by Mithun S.

Linux:Skel directory


When a new user is created in Linux there are some default files and folders which is copied to the home directory of new user. This is accomplished by the use of linux skel directory /etc/skel.  All files and folders provided in the /etc/skel will be automatically copied to the new users home directory. 

Skel stands for skeleton. It is said so because from this we can derive an outline of users home directory.By default some configuration files are usually placed in the /etc/skel directory after the operating system is installed.

These include .bash_profile, .bashrc.bash_logout, dircolors.inputrc.vimrc etc. The standard files in the directory are hidden. These files will be needed for smoother operation of user account. This is useful in cases where a same pattern of environment is to be given to all users in a system.

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Mithun S.

Mithun S.

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