Magento : Backup Operations

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Published on: August 13, 2014 by Vipin R.N

Magento : Backup Operations


Magento has its own internal Backup system. Some says its very inefficient because it consumes CPU and RAM of the hosting account. However, we will see how Magento backups works.

Magento Backup

There are three types of Magento backups :

System Backup
   This will take all of the files that comprise the Magento store and a dump of the data and package them into a  tar archive
Database and Media Backup This includes the database and the contents of the media folder, but not other assets like theme files
Database Backup This takes database backup only

The backups can be generated from Magento Administration Panel » System » Tools » Backups



Once you generate a backup, it will take some time to complete the backup. You will have to wait for this. The backups would be usually placed at var/backups in Magento Installation directory.

The full path is :



There are some options you may need to check while generating the backup. See the screen shots :

Scheduling Backups

It is possible to schedule Magento backup. From the Administration panel go to System » Configuration » Advanced » System (its in the left pane). Expand “Scheduled Backup Settings” to see the options


Known issues

If clients complaint about timeout problem while generating the backup, its possible that their account is hitting Litespeed timeout. This can be overridden by adding the following line in the main .htaccess file :

RewriteRule index.php - [E=noconntimeout:1]



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