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OnApp is one of the popular cloud platform of choice for various small and medium sized web hosting companies. Starting from $500 per month it offers one of the fastest to deploy cloud hosting environments. OnApp Cloud supports Xen, KVM and VMware hypervisors. From a webhosting provider’s view point, we notice following advantages with OnApp.

  • Easy to use GUI/Dashboard for complete management of your Cloud infrastructure.
  • Ability to rebrand apps and white label your entire services, by doing basic UI editing at the OnApp control panel
  • Integrated Storage using local disks in hypervisors (We love this the most!)
  • Custom templates (eg: cPanel templates) including discounted access to Jumpbox library and infact a broad range of operating systems as templates.
  • Offers fully automatic hypervisor failover – never say die!
  • Recipes to automate the post-installation tasks
  • Extensive WHMCS modules which allows you to integrate the billing and auto-setups easy. Also has support for other billing softwares as well.
  • Can manage VMware ESXi hypervisors also, which helps, even though in limited ways using the OnApp’s control panel itself, instead of going through vCenter console.
  • Good integration with DNS and CDN services.
  • Automatically or manually scale the resources on the go.
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