Hire a part time Graphic designer –  (4 hours x 22 days) Our graphic designer can help you with tasks such as website and logo designing, product designs etc. with high level of professional competency.
Dedicated Staff –  Graphic Designer – (8 hours x 22 days) A dedicated graphic designer can help you with logo design, website design etc. with high level of professional competency and time bound delivery.
Dedicated Staff- Server Admin- Commander Our dedicated Level3 server administrator plan offers dedicated availability of an with solid experience in webhosting and server administration support.

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Dedicated Staff- Server Admin – Zen Master Our dedicated Level3E server administrator plan provides you a dedicated, expert server administrator for your advanced server management operations.
Dedicated Staff- Server Admin – Warrior This dedicated level2 server administrator plan offers availability of experienced professionals for webhosting support and server management requirements .
Dedicated Staff – Server Admin – Soldier Each level1 server administrator is equipped with proficiency in web hosting technologies and operating systems to deliver web Hosting and Helpdesk support.
Dedicated Staff – Billing/Sales Instant access to professionally trained dedicated sales staff and billing staff can help you with introduction or promotion of products and services.

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