DirectAdmin -24/7 Server Monitoring SupportSages offers 24/7 server and service monitoring with instant response to your DirectAdmin server alerts around the clock through its highly dedicated monitoring support team.
InterWorx – 24/7 Server Management We provide 24x7 server monitoring and server management for Interworx servers with high level of professional competency and customer service practices.
Semi-dedicated Team – Technical – Masters Availability of highly competent team to perform more complex operations at a highly affordable price makes this plan one of the most sought after team plans for Data Centers and NOCs.
VPS – Server Monitoring Addon Our VPS server monitoring addon offers 24/7 VPS monitoring for resource and service availability and takes preventive steps to avoid service interruptions.
Server Monitoring – Nagios 24/7 SupportSages monitor your web and application servers, database server, file servers, FTP servers, mail servers and so forth. We use Nagios for monitoring.
Server Monitoring – Reactive In reactive server monitoring, the server will be monitored 24x7x365 and in the case of server or service issues, we login to the server and fix it.
Server Monitoring- Proactive Our proactive server monitoring team uses advanced monitoring tools to ensure your server’s optimal performance through early detection of problems.