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SupportSages started its services in 2009 and rapidly evolved from being a remote infrastructure management (RIM) company to a cloud infrastructure management company. Our first experience with cloud began with a private cloud setup using technologies like OpenStack and OpenNebula. RIM is in our organisation’s very DNA and hence deployment, maintaining and managing a cloud infra regardless of the platforms comes easy to us. With 13 years of industry experience and 200+ years of combined team experience we provide the most comprehensive and apt solutions.


Why choose SS to manage your public cloud?

1) Well orchitected fromework
-We will assess your existing infra and work load, choose the best cloud provider that con accomodate all your requirements and then build o reliable, secure, efficient, and cost effective system in the cloud

2) Stronger cornplionce
-We ore on ISO 2700t2013 certified organisation and we have a strong framework of guidelines, standards and best practices.

3) Flexible Scope ond Contracts
SupportSoges is not a large-scale system integrator with restrictive contracts that chorges extra for the smallest variation in scope. We will provide targeted services with specialist support teams focused on data, security and cloud automation.

4) We Adopt to Your Environment
If you hove a cloud architecture of your own and just wont help in the irnplementotion side, we would work with you to identify the well orchitectured best practices suited for your infra. Our teom is highly adoptable and hove experience with integrating a range of public cloud platforms.

5) Cloud Native approach
We have been pioneers to cloud and since the last 13 years we into cloud infrastructure management. With SupportSages you get better, faster and reliable results because you have cloud natives guiding your journey.

Our core competency lies in building and maintaining devops pipelines including conversion and migration of your existing applications and infra to autoscale and autoheal mode enabling your business to scale exponentially.

Our Devops services include:

  • Automated Infra through IAC
  • Building Devops Pipelines
  • Automated operations, monitoring and logging
  • SRE (Site Reliability Engineering)
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Code Inspection & Integration
  • DevOps Automation Service
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Virtualization

We have proficiency and expertise in the deployment and management of below public cloud infra platforms:


Our Devops Technology Stack we use in public cloud deployments:

    SCM & VCS:
    Orchestration and provisioning:
    CI and CD:

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