Live Chat Support Team ( 24×7 ) – Shared

$1,500.00 / month

Category : Hire A Chat Personal

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Shared live chat support team plan provides dedicated 24/7 unlimited live chat support for the clients at a highly affordable rate. Such a live chat support team consists of four live chat admins who are specially trained for efficient customer communication through instant live chats. You may also provide custom training to the live chat team so that they can provide transparent live chat support identical to a dedicated chat support team. The team is competent to handle majority of Sales/Billing and technical issues with high level of professionalism.

This live chat support team is highly cost effective as it blends the quality of dedicated live chat support with the feasibility of shared team. Here the team is shared between clients of different time zone to reduce the possibility of simultaneously busy chat queues. The chat professionals work at par with a dedicated chat operator and the delivery quality often makes you forget about the shared nature of the team.


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