Some of my favorite quotations on Linux,Unix and Open Source philosophy

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Published on: April 22, 2009 by Maddy Mattocks

Some of my favorite quotations on Linux,Unix and Open Source philosophy


Linux quotes

Unix is extremely user friendly. It also happens to be extremely selective when picking its friends

Isn’t it ? That could be the reason why many don’t like it. Linux don’t want to be friends with them.

Knowledge isn’t anybody’s private property

and we value that. We share whatever we know and also encourage all our staff to do so.

If I am not for myself, who will be for me?
If I am only for myself, what am I?
If not now, when?

Closed source should die!

Avoid the Gates of Hell. Use Linux

You don’t have to tell us that!!!

No fences, No Gates!

World is free!!

For the brave, there is a door named Linux to success. For the rest there are windows.

Really, I’m not out to destroy Microsoft. That will just be a completely unintentional side effect.

Intelligence is the ability to avoid doing work, yet getting the work done.

Software is like Sex, It’s better when it is FREE

Make using your computer a joy and not a hell loaded with tons of viruses and spyware.

People aren’t as dumb as Microsoft needs them to be and that’s our success.

To mess up a Linux box, you need to work at it; to mess up your Windows box, you just have to work on it.

Windows is a bonfire, Linux is the sun. Linux only looks smaller if you lack perspective

Teamwork is essential — it allows you to blame someone else.

If Linux doesn’t have the solution, you have the wrong problem

Or you don’t know Linux.

Programming is like sex… make one mistake, and support it the rest of your life

Microsoft and Apple make the easy things very easy and the hard things impossible. BSDs and Linux make the easy things challenging and the hard things difficult but possible

Linux is for people who want to know why it works.
Mac is for people who don’t want to know why it works.
DOS is for people who want to know why it does not work.
Windows is for people who don’t want to know why it does not work.

A Windows user spends 1/3 of his life sleeping, 1/3 working, 1/3 waiting

Linux means productivity and fun. NT means ‘Not Today’.

Love is Hate. War is Peace. Windows is stable.

“Unix is simple, but it takes a genius to understand the simplicity.” – Dennis Ritchie

Unix is the answer, but only if you phrase the question very carefully.

“…Unix, MS-DOS, and Windows NT (also known as the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly).”

When you open Windows…BUGS GET IN!!!

Windows isn’t a virus, viruses do something.

Use Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

“The box said that I needed to have Windows 98 or better… so I installed Linux”

Operating systems are like underwear. nobody really wants to look at them.

I’m not one of those who think Bill Gates is the devil. I simply suspect that if Microsoft ever met up with the devil, it wouldn’t need an interpreter.

No, I will not fix your computer again. USE LINUX

– I used to say these Linux quotes in my college 😛

LINUX – The Best Things In Life Are Free


Geek by birth, Linux by choice

Linux – Because I am better than you

Open Windows and see the world!! Open Linux and create your own world!!

Now its your turn, share your favorite Linux quotes in the command box 🙂

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Maddy Mattocks

Maddy Mattocks

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