How to update Awstats automatically

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Published on : January 28, 2017 by

How to update Awstats  automatically

AWStats is short for Advanced Web Statistics. AWStats is powerful log analyzer which creates advanced web, ftp, mail and streaming server statistics reports based on the rich data contained in server logs. It updates regularily, typically on daily basis, and provides an excellent graphical representation for easy understanding. More details about the tool are available […]

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Update button missing in awstats

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Published on : August 11, 2009 by

Update button missing in awstats

You can view up-to-date web stats by updating the awstats. We may come across some cases where cPanel Awstats update button is missing. Updating through cPanel 1.Login to WHM, then select Server Configuration -> Tweak Settings 2.Scroll down to Stats and Logs. 3.Check the box “Allow users to update Awstats from cPanel” If it doesn’t […]

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