Update button missing in awstats

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Published on: August 11, 2009 by Jithin Vijayan

Update button missing in awstats


You can view up-to-date web stats by updating the awstats. We may come across some cases where cPanel Awstats update button is missing.

Updating through cPanel

1.Login to WHM, then select Server Configuration -> Tweak Settings

2.Scroll down to Stats and Logs.

3.Check the box “Allow users to update Awstats from cPanel”

If it doesn’t appear then

We need to edit the conf file of awstats located in /home/user/tmp/awstats/. In the conf file look for the line “AllowToUpdateStatsFromBrowser” set it’s value to 1.

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Jithin Vijayan

Jithin Vijayan

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