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VPS security audit addon enables you to detect security threats such as hacks, application vulnerabilities, security breaches, malwares, web abuses, network abuses etc. and helps you to resolve them in a real time manner. Regular VPS security audit enables you to secure your VPSes through continuous security hardening practices such as vulnerability resolution, application patching, software updates, security tweaking, firewall customization, malware detection and removal etc.

Our Web Abuse Specialist Team – WAST performs regular VPS security audits to identify security breaches and resolves them for a stable secure virtualization environment. This outsourced on demand security audit addon assures that your VPS servers are equipped with standard security applications such as CSF, BFD, rkhunter, mod_sec, maldet etc. with competent security practices and policies to withstand a wild spectrum of security issues to build a secure and robust VPS server.

Security is priceless, still our prices are quite competitive which makes this VPS support plan one of the most sought after VPS addons.

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