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Data Migrations

Still trapped in the poor platform due to inertia or fear of data loss and downtime? Don’t worry, our data migration service experts can help you with all types of data migration. Our expertize in websites migration, Database Migration, Application Migration,email migrations etc. ensures trouble free migration and continuous data availability. Data Migration can be complex, risky, expensive and nerve-wracking experience, if not carried out properly. Our time tested methods and strategies derived from the profound experience of thousands of migrations ensure smooth and trouble free migrations with minimal or no downtime.

Website & Application Migrations

We specialize in website migrations including but not limited to, wordpress migrations, wordpress theme migrations, joomla website migrations, drupal website migrations, openerp migrations, wordpress cloning, magento website migrations, host to host website migrations, plain html website migrations, oscommerce migrations and other website migrations using platforms like Prestashop, doplhin, elgg etc.

Mail Migrations

Email migration which involves only the migrations of emails from one account to another or even complete mailbox migration containing calendar, tasks, contacts etc, SupportSages accomplish these tasks with extreme care and high flexibility. With SupportSages at your side, email management is an easy task! We can also help you migrate emails across various providers, known and unknown in the industry like Google, AOL, MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, Zimbra.

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Server Migrations

Want to switch hosts ? Did you acquire a web hosting company ? Did you acquire an online business ? Server Migration becomes very important when you have acquired businesses who are already using hosting service elsewhere, or you yourselves want to migrate to a new data center. This is a task which needs close attention and technical expertise in order to avoid and hindrance to the service. SupportSages have the expertise in planning and executing server migrations with maximum precision without affecting your valuable uptime and data. Our experienced Sages can do seamless migrations, to servers using different OS versions as well as control panels. We give “30 day SAGE Guarantee” which will ensure that during the period any post migration issues will be troubleshooted by a team of server administrators.
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Data Center Migration

We have three plans for data center migration : Shared / Reseller Server Migration, Physical to Cloud Server Migration, VPS Migration

Shared / Reseller Server Migration

  • Involves same control panel in the source and destination servers
  • Unlimited Number of accounts
  • Hassle Free Migration assured – Just provide the Login credentials and leave the rest to us
  • Migration schedule provided prior to Migration for approval
  • Addons – Free Setup, Server Management, Initial Security Setup

31,920.00 / Server

Server Migration – Physical to Cloud

Migrations are essential for better  resource availability. Server migrations to cloud plays a major role in ensuring high resource availability and server uptime. Our years of experience in performing server migrations across different platforms and expertize in various technologies helps us to perform physical to cloud server migration with essential features such as Ensured application compatibility ,No Data Loss etc.

We have high level of expertise in major cloud platforms  such as Amazon Web services, Rack Cloud etc. to ensure zero or minimal down time and post migration assistance.

119,920.00 / Server

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