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The Dedicated Chat Support plan provides you the option to get live chat support without any restrictions. This is shared plan where the admin will be supporting other clients of the same plan. The shared nature of support increases the affordability without compromising the quality.

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Plan Features

  • Supports all commercial and custom live chat systems
  • Transparent Support
  • Chat Transfer and Escalations
  • Unlimited servers
  • Unlimited chats
  • Supports Technical/Sales/Billing issues
  • Shift roster availability
  • Direct communication with the admin


  • How do you ensure no quality deviations when the staff is shared?

    Ans:The shared support is provided from a pool of admins. Each admin undergoes training for the policies and systems of all shared clients , with whom their team is supposed to work. We always ensure that the time zone of the clients an admin handles at a time are different. This reduces the chance of busy helpdesk for both clients at the same time. Besides admins so that one can step into help a busy peer.

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