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UI/UX Designer

Launching a new product or website and is worried about how the product should be perceived or felt ? How the product is presented ? We have a small team of UX/UI designers who is good in translating the product and websites to feel good in minds of consumers! You may hire dedicated UI designers from them 🙂 Each team member has,
  • Understanding of the capabilities and limitations of HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Understand W3C standards as well as browser-specific bugs and variations, in IE, Mozilla and Safari
  • Understanding of browser display differences on different platforms
  • Demonstrated experience in designing creative and web pages for e-commerce websites
  • Thorough understanding, and passion for user experience design for social applications or rich Internet experiences
  • Proven ability to work with cross-functional teams and successfully launch new products
  • 3+ years of digital design experience
  • Always learning, curious, and open to new ideas
We also undertake design projects. Contact Us with your detailed requirements..

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