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Web Host Abuse Specialists Team (WAST)

Keep your network safe and secure with our Web Hosting Abuse Specialist Team! SupportSages now offers Web Hosting Abuse Specialist Team (WAST) for the Web Hosting Industry. Our Abuse Specialists handles tickets and situations reported to your abuse desk with due diligence, does an investigation based on the abuse report, email the customers and work with the customers to prevent such attacks. WAST handles following areas:
  • DMCA / Copyright infringements – both uploaded by the user directly as well as those uploaded through hacks.
  • Spamcop or other such SPAM RBL complaints.
  • Phishing and Vishing.
  • Trademark Infringements
WAST doesn’t simply write or forward an email to the customer but instead work with your technical team and the customer to avoid the situation in future. WAST would also include any help in identifying the exploitable components in his website. WAST regularly make follow-ups on those customers who don’t take actions or report back to us. WAST updates those intellectual property legal services who creates the abuse reports with the hosting company as well.

Team Details

All the team members of WAST are of Level III and are equally proficient in Windows as well as on Unix based platforms.

Per Incident basis
$5 per incident/ticket
Hourly Abuse Management
$35 per Hour
Semi-dedicated tech
$99 per month (up to 45 abuse reporting per month)
Dedicated Tech
$999 per month (unlimited abuse department tickets – 160 hrs per month)
Semi-Dedicated Team
$399 per month (up to 200 abuse reporting per month)
Dedicated Team
$3600 per month (unlimited abuse department tickets – 500 hrs per month)

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