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Live Chat Support Team

Live Chat Support Team option is an exclusive plan for those service providers who have a continuous chat flow of more than 3 chats at any point of time. This team plan enables you to provide live chat support in your website without any queues. If you have less than 3 chats, it is better you hire a dedicated helpdesk support personnel or team for billing or sales or technical issues and let them handle chat along with the helpdesk without going for this exclusive option for chat.

CT Billing


/per month

CT Sales


/per month

CT Technical Support


/per month

Live chat support* Any Any Any
Transparent Support Yes Yes Yes
Chat Transfer and Escalations Yes Yes Yes
Simultaneous chats 3 3 2
Can help in active promotional offers Yes Yes On-demand
Can handle L1 technical chats Yes Yes Yes
Can handle L2 technical chats No No May be
Can handle L3 technical chats No No May be
Policy Training needed Yes Yes May be
Monthly Pricing ₹256000 ₹256000 ₹216000

*Prefers chat solutions having Linux/Web based clients than those having windows based solutions only.


  • Can technical support chat team also handle Sales & Billing as well ? How about billing/sales team handling technical support chats as well ?

    Ans:Technical support team are certified engineers who won't prefer to work on sales & billing as well. However if there is an emergency situation they can, provided the policies and FAQs are well documented, but on a daily basis. On the other hand, a billing and sales chat team can take care of L1 support as well. All our billing personnel, though not mandatory undergoes our in-house training meant for continuous improvement of our staffs and such billing staff can handle L1 technical chats as well. Their capability of investigation will be limited though.

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