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Night Shift Support

No doubt, 24×7 support availability is one of the key elements for your customer satisfaction. Assuring dedicated, expert, viable hosting support and sever administration during non-business hours is a daunting task. It is especially difficult if your clients are of different time zones.
Our dedicated night hour hosting support plan provides all levels of helpdesk support and server management during nights, so that you continue to enjoy your sleep irrespective of any server outages or busy ticket queues during mid nights or at the wee hours of the day.



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Tickets per day 20 L1/ 5 L2 / 2 L3 25 L1 / 10 L2 / 4 L3 30L1i / 15i L2 /8 L3
Level of engineers L1 L2 L3
Unlimited servers Yes Yes Yes
Datacenter contact Phone/Chat/Email Phone/Chat/Email Phone/Chat/Email
Can call you in emergencies Yes Yes Yes
Vendor Certified Engineers Yes Yes Yes
Data migration Websites Servers Datacenter
Team Setup time < 3 days < 3 days < 3 days
Response time guarantee < 15 mins < 15 mins < 15 mins
Resolution time guarantee 6 hours (99%) 3 hours (98%) 1 hour (95%)
No Setup fees Yes Yes Yes
Total number of staffs (including AM) 3 3 3
Monthly pricing ₹48000 ₹96000 ₹144000

Have a custom requirement or need a mix of L1+L2+L3 ? Let us know!

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