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Taking the first step is the most difficult part and it is achieved !!! Journey towards the dream is exciting and scary one, especially when the road ahead is blurred and bumpy. Team SupportSages with its vast experience earned through baby walking a bunch of such companies helps you to sail the difficult and uneven surfaces of hosting business with elan.

Do you really need a support team?

The major hurdle during this phase is the steep increase in operational costs against the lukewarm business growth. Some of the owners decide to opt out from employing professional support teams with the assumption that it will rub salt into the already soaring financial constraints.

The volume of support tickets are usually high at this stage. The owner struggles to cope up with the promised response time, even after spending prolonged working hours in the helpdesk. This affects support quality and results in diminished goodwill and growth prospects.




/per month



/per month



/per month

24/7 Support Yes Yes Yes
Server Monitoring 10 Servers/Vps 15 Servers/Vps 25 Servers
Live Chat Support 75 Chats/ Month 200 Chats/ Month 500 Chats/Month
No. of Tickets (L1+L2) 300 500 750
Number of L3 Tickets 20 30 50
Response Time 30 Min. 30 Min. 30 Min.
Avg. Resolution Time 6 Hours 6 Hour 6 Hours
Sales/Billing Escalation Yes Yes Yes
Operating System Linux/ Windows Linux /Window Linux / Windows
Abuse Management Yes Yes Yes
Account Migrations 100 150 250
Backup Configuration Yes Yes Yes
Server Administration 10 Hrs 20 Hrs 30 Hrs
Emergency Management Yes Yes Yes
Account Restore Yes Yes Yes
Basic Server Setup No 5 Servers 10 Servers
Control Panel Installation No 5 Servers 10 Servers
Price $750 $999 $1250

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