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Security & Infrastructure

Dealing with security threats and abuse management is a key element in server administration. Our team of security experts with their high vigilance and quick responses often outshines an in house team. This further reduces the existing wafer thin boundary between an in-house and outsourced support team and makes them indistinguishable.The security infrastructure solutions plan features are given below;

Server Hardening – Initial or one time customization/implementation of security measures to combat security threats is performed here.

Security Audit – Regular security checks to identify any security breach/compromise is performed here.

PCI DSS Compliance – Payment gateway competency for e-com hosting is assured t hrough this process.

Server Forensics and Hack Recovery – Identification and recovery of a compromised server is carried out here

Abuse Handling – Various types of abuses are being handled here

Per incident Support – Availability of server admin support for certain period is offered under this plan

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