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Medium 25-100 servers.

WOW! We are proud of you. You started to enjoy the reputation as a sober and responsible host. To meet the customer expectations of quality support, the current shared team may be insufficient and is the high time to explore the potential capabilities of a semi dedicated support services team.

2 Client Semi-Dedicated Team

A 2-Client semi-dedicated plan provides a team of 4 LevelII admins, who works for two clients at a time. Each of the team members will have a minimum of 1-2 year experience in the web hosting support and are capable of resolving common L3 issues as well. The clientele for a team is selected with utmost care to avoid busy helpdesks for both clients at the same time to avoid any quality deviations.

3-Client Semi-dedicated Team

Under this trio-dedicated plan, the 4 member team is dedicated for 3 clients in total. i.e Other than you, they are responsible for 2 more clients. Experience level of each team member is of an L2. All other aspects remain the same as in 2-Client semi-dedicated team, other than the number of clients they handle.
You may also need to check our dedicated staffing plan for more details. May be it is even better for both of us to discuss and decide!


  • How do I know whether I need a semi-dedicated team or not?

    Ans:A semi-dedicated team is the right choice, if your hosting company has atleast some of the following attributes

    • Shared hosting servers with expanding client base
    • Offers Reseller hosting and Dedicated Hosting
    • Provides fully or Semi Managed Hosting Servers
    • Assures high server uptime through regular monitoring
    • Guarantees prompt and responsive technical support

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