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Server Monitoring

Reactive Monitoring

Under reactive monitoring, we monitor below services and fix it / sms / alert the DC as per your requirements. Our monitoring team monitors these services at a fixed interval (2-15 minutes) using our monitoring platforms. One hour of SysAdmin tasks which can be utilized for troubleshooting any service related issues is included in this service.
  • Network Connectivity
  • Server Disk Space
  • Server CPU Usage
  • Web Services – HTTP & FTP
  • Email Services – SMTP, POP & IMAP
  • Database Services – MySQL, MSSQL
  • Server Memory Usage
  • DNS Services
Server Monitoring – Reactive

Pro-active monitoring

Pro-active monitoring does include all the checks we do in reactive monitoring and in addition to that, we take extra measures so that we can fix the issues even before they cause performance issues to the server and ultimately your business. Pro-active monitoring plan includes 5 SysAdmin hours as well (a $100 value)
  • Disk usage checks on all partitions
  • RAID checks
  • Web Services – HTTP & FTP
  • Email Services – SMTP, POP & IMAP
  • Number of users logged in
  • Network traffic usage check
  • Exploits scanning and Reporting
  • DNS Services
  • Control Panel checks
  • Mail Queue checks
  • Server Security package (included)
  • Periodic vulnerability scanning
  • Processes checks
  • Server CPU Usage
  • Server Memory Usage
  • DOS alert checks (every 5 minutes)
  • Database Services – MySQL, MSSQL, Postgres (DB and Web service connectivity)
Server Monitoring- Proactive


  • What all details do I have to share with you ?


    1. Complete root access to the servers (Optional)

    2. Fill up the initial questionnaire so that we under what needs to be done in case a service is down.

    3. DC contact details

    4. Your / Emergency contact details, including phone number which we can call in situations where DC response is slow.

  • What if I need another sysadmin hour ?

    Ans:You would need to order the extra sysadmin hours. But no worries, in case of emergency situations we don't wait till you order. We simply fix the issue.

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