Setting up FTP via Windows Explorer

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Published on: October 1, 2010 by Sharafuddin M.A

Setting up FTP via Windows Explorer


First you will need to set the proper settings to allow Windows Explorer to connect to the windows FTP server:

1 : Open control panel via your start menu and double click on Internet Options.

2 : Select the Advanced tab at the top and scroll down to you see Enable FTP folder view (outside of Internet Explorer) and make sure it is Checked.

3 : Scroll down to Use Passive FTP (for Firewall and DSL modem compatibility.) and make sure it is checked. Click OK to save these settings.

4 : Next open your start menu and click on My Network Places.

5 : Click on Add Network Place.

6 : The following Wizard will open, click on the Next Button.

7 : Select the Choose another network location option and click Next.

8 : Enter the ftp address for your domain, e.g. Click Next to continue.

9 : Make sure Log on anonymously is NOT checked.

10. Enter your username replacing the @ with %25, i.e. Click Next to continue.

11. Enter a name to call this connection, e.g. Click Next to continue.

12. Make sure Open this network place when I click Finish is checked, and click Finish.

13. Enter your FTP password and click Log On to connect to your FTP server.

Congratulations ! You have completed the setup of FTP via Windows Explorer.

In the future all you will need to do is go to My Network Places and you will see the FTP connection that you named in Step 11.

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Sharafuddin M.A

Sharafuddin M.A

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