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1. Node Management

  • Applying Patches and Updates
  • Provisioning, Activation and Management of VPSes
  • Manages entire Hardware Node
  • 24/7 Node Monitoring
  • Basic firewall installation & configuration
  • Manages VZCC user access rights

2. VPS Management

  • Start/stop/reboot the environment
  • Monitor resource utilization of CPU, system, disk space and disk nodes
  • VPS Resource settings
  • Backup and restore virtual servers
  • VPS creation/reinstallation from scratch

3. Data Migration

  • Migrate a dedicated server to Parallels Virtuozzo Container
  • Zero dataloss – Guaranteed!

4. Unlimited Admin hours for the server

5. Unlimited VPS management inside the node

$249.00 / month


  • What is the difference between VPS Node management plan and Virtuozzo specific management plan ?

    Ans:With the VPS Node management plan which you can find under Support Services > VPS Node, Node management and VPS management is considered separate where as in Virtuozzo specific management plan, they are not considered as distinct management services. Here under Virtuozzo specific plan, we offer unlimited VPS management and includes lots of Virtuozzo specific services as well.

  • I have only 3 VPSes and the plan price is bit expensive. Is there any alternative ?

    Ans:If you have less number of VPSes, if is cost-effective to go for the separate VPS Node management and VPS support plans which is highly scalable.

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