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To be a successful VPS Hosting provider, one should posses the necessary node administration skills and expertize to manage client VPSes. You may want to set up and configure the hypervisor for the VPS node setup and meanwhile should be able to trouble shoot a frequent VPS reboot issue. Even though they are highly cross linked aspects of VPS hosting, we have devised two separate plans so that if you are just venturing into the VPS Hosting business, you won’t be having too much burden on VPS support and node management costs.

Plan Details

Node Management

If you are setting up VPS hosting, and need help in choice of virtualization technology to be used, billing system and control panels to be setup and related initial tasks, you only have to opt for “Node Management”. It also offers Node Setup, Hypervisor installation,VPS provisioning, Node monitoring, VPS migrations across nodes as well.

Plan Features

  • Node Set Up
  • Hypervisor Installation
  • Node Monitoring
  • Node Backup and Restoration
  • Security Patches
  • VPS Migrations
  • OS Module Management
  • OS Template Creation
  • Unlimited Node Issues
  • Unlimited VPS Per Node


  • SolusVM, Xen, OpenVZ, Microsoft Hyper-V, Virtuozzo, VMware


  • 20 issues per VPS per Month

VPS Support for Providers

VPS for providers is a tailor made plan for VPS web/cloud hosting providers. Under the “VPS Support for Providers” plan, you pay for “Node Management” and pay per VPS for the technical support for the VPS servers hosted under it as you go. The Plan offers our expert assistance for managing your client VPSes and technical support through your helpdesk. . For eg. some of your clients may be experiencing issues with their VPS and are unable to resolve it themselves. In that case, they can open a ticket in your helpdesk and we will be there to resolve it for you.
Number of VPSes Volume Discounts
1-10 0
10-20 13%
20+ 33%

Plan Features

  • Supports VPS issues
  • Transparent Support
  • Unlimited VPS Management
  • Unlimited Helpdesk Support – Provider
  • VPS Control Panel Installation
  • Third party software Installation
  • Backup and Recovery
  • DC Escalations
  • 30 minutes average guaranteed response time
  • Unlimited Tickets
  • 6 hours average guaranteed resolution time
  • Installation of third party software and scripts

Place your order

Type Quantity Total Price
2,400.00  / Node
1,200.00  / VPS

Recommended Addons

Total Price

400.00  / VPS
400.00  / VPS
6,320.00  / node


  • Explain the difference between Node and VPSes?


    • VPS Node

      Virtualization is a method of partitioning a physical server into multiple virtual servers or VPSes. A VPS node is the mother-server where all VPS are hosted. This is basically a high end server with a virtualization software installed and configured for hosting Virtual Private Servers.

    • VPS

      A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine configured in a node. A VPS runs its own copy of an operating system and works similar to a physical server, but priced lower due to the resource sharing nature.

  • Why the plan charges separately for the node management and VPSes?

    Ans:The simple answer is flexibility. Conventional predefined plans follows flat pricing and lacks scalability ie a provider with 20 VPSes and 2 VPS are charged equally. Inclusion of optional features such as monitoring, security etc for VPS too are restricted as per the plan features. Our plan offers scalability and the liberty to choose the required features without any plan predisposition.

  • Will you stop support for my VPS if the no. of tickets exceeds 20?

    Ans:Under normal situations, answer is negative. If the number of issues exceeds the limit in a regular pattern, you may need to talk with the customer and move him to VPS for Owners plan (under you) or to per ticket plan. This limitation is imposed for those who uses VPSes for web hosting and simply forwards all their customer's tickets (including Level 1) to us.

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