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Our extensive knowledge and expertize in the virtualisation technologies enables us to provide tailor made solutions to the requirements of various segments in the industry. Based on the scope and nature of the virtualization implementation, we have devised the following vps support services

VPS for Owners

This is a per VPS support plan. Here we manage your VPS/Containers which includes all levels of helpdesk management and monitoring. The plan is sub-categorized into the following ones

1. VPS support for personal purpose

The plan is designed with the intention to provide support for VPSes maintained for the personal purpose or for non-commercial purpose. Most common examples in this category are VPSes which hosts only company’s main site with some personal websites maintained by the owner.

Plan Availability

Type Number of VPS / Month Total Price


  • Live Chat Support (For Owner)
  • Server Monitoring


  • Max. no of accounts hosted on such a VPS is 10

2. VPS support for commercial purpose – WebHosting VPS Support

This plan focuses the support for VPSes used for web hosting business.

Plan Availability

Type Number of VPS / Month Total Price

Plan Features

  • VPS Monitoring
  • L1,L2 Support
  • Server Reboots
  • 24 / 7 Helpdesk Support
  • Unlimited Tickets
  • 3rd Party Software Installation
  • 30 minutes average guaranteed response time
  • Escalation to provider
  • Transparent Support


  • 3 hours of System Administration Time
  • Free Monitoring


  • The maximum number of hosted domains per VPS is 100 and accounts is 75


  • No node management. In fact we won’t have access to the node

Recommended Addons

Total Price
3,920.00  /instance
400.00  / VPS


  • How do you differentiate VPS for personal use from a commercial VPS?

    Ans:A personal VPS is the one where webhosting is done only for the company, owner and his personal relations. All support requests need to be directed through the owner/admin.

    A VPS for commercial purpose is the one which is being used for hosting or any related services for monetary benefits.

  • Is there any difference in the support being rendered for personal and commercial VPS?

    Ans:No change in the support quality.

    Personal VPS support is provided through direct communications with the owner. No direct communication with the client is available.

    A commercial VPS support is provided in a transparent manner., where we log in to your helpdesk and answer the tickets on behalf of you or the company.

  • Which level of Server Administration Support is available?

    Ans:Support for all levels of service issues along with VPS reboot is available. Issues requiring node level access will be escalated to the VPS provider.

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