Why you should not use plugins for WordPress migration?

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Published on: April 2, 2018 by Vaishnav Harikumar

Why you should not use plugins for WordPress migration?


The process of moving a WordPress website from one web host to another or changing its current CMS is called WordPress migration. For example, moving your site from GoDaddy to Hostgator is called migrating web host. Similarly moving your site from Joomla to WordPress is called migrating CMS. During the WordPress migration, your website’s files, data, and domain are moved from one server to another. There are plugins and online guides to help you migrate your site. However, nothing replaces a professional migration expert.

Let’s take a look at the possible drawbacks of using plugins for WordPress migrations.

1. First and Foremost, Security!


According to the statistics of CMS users among the World Wide Web, WordPress is being used by 38% of the website owners. Before feeling proud that you are one among them, know that Hackers and Spammers usually target WordPress websites making your site more vulnerable to security hacks & malicious attacks. There are hundreds of plugins configured by Hackers who intend to steal your login information and much more.

We, SupportSages encourage you to avoid using plugins which are unpopular or from untrusted sources in order to reduce the risk of your website being hacked. Now, you might be thinking what precautions our experts will be taking to protect your website’s content from being vulnerable to malware attacks of potential hackers. For instance, we will be doing this procedure through a secure medium of file transfer. You might be familiar with File transfer protocols (the FTP function in your cPanel account is one of them). There are much more protocols that do the same thing in a much more secure way. An example would be using SSH protocol to connect to remote clients through a secure medium by using encrypted mode of communication. Thus, your website’s security is maintained even while migrating your website’s data. 

2. Incomplete and inconsistent data transfer


Issues that arise as a result of a faulty migration can lose your money and time. For example, when your site goes disconnected, you lose deals. It can hurt your business badly. While you might think that using plugins as a migration tool will improve efficiency by reducing the time, know the fact that most of these migration tool plugins are designed to do the basic transfer of files, which transfer only the files from your document root and not from other folders. For some website owners, they use their emails for many purposes and these emails may contain valuable data which are also required to be transferred along with the website files. To solve that issue, our experts take a complete backup from your previous/old server (this includes your document root, mail directories, trash, SQL, etc) and restore it on the new server. This way, all your website contents including your emails are now available on the new host.

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3. Support


One point that entrepreneurs generally neglect to consider the support after the migration. Neither WordPress nor the plugin developers provide support for the plugins that you use. There are many instances where people purchase plugins and use for some time then finds out that the plug-in developer has stopped providing support. Why spend your time, energy and money on some random plugin which you won’t be receiving support for? If in case any technical or non-technical issue arises, even WordPress is not liable to provide support for you because of the terms and conditions of using third-party plugins. So rather than putting your website and files to risk, contact our experts to do an easy migration for you. Once the migration is done, we SupportSages, strengthen your WordPress site with security checks. We provide 24×7 technical support.

4. Downtime

During site migration, your site may have to be offline for a brief period. But in such cases, there were chances for the occurrence of technical issue and your site goes down. Here you can get the help from a site migration expert if you are outsourcing your site migration. If you are choosing plugins for this it will result in downtime. 

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5. To save money


In long run paying money, someone else will save your money. By hearing this you will be wondering. There are chances for arising errors during migration and it will cause you to pay additional money to solve the errors. If you have an expert to do migration it will be easy for you to handle this.

6. To confide in a specialist to deal with the procedure


Time is precious in business. You let a specialist deal with the whole procedure while you accomplish something different in your business. There’s no requirement for you to fiddle with servers, information, plugins, hosting, email, and code.

Experienced WordPress experts at Support Sages know how to overcome specialized issues and in addition what arrangements work if the most noticeably awful happens.

Realizing that a trusted master is dealing with your site migration is well worth surrendering the worry of doing it without anyone else’s help. Want to migrate your website? We Support Sages are here to help you.

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Vaishnav Harikumar

Vaishnav Harikumar

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