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Who we are?

About Us

SupportSages started as a Server Management Company in the year 2009 when its Founder Mr. Abhilash P, a die-hard system administrator and technology enthusiast decided to join hands with 4 others to form a customer friendly support-based endeavor.

The company hit its 100-client mark in just one year and has served more than 3000 clients in the past 10 years. We rapidly grew to a 70-member team in the year 2024 and established a hierarchical model internally. With a good client base and with 10 years of being established as a Cloud Infrastructure management company we diverged our expertise into Devops, CICD Pipeline Building, IT and Management Consulting, Application and Website Development, Design, Project Management etc.

Today we stand as one of the few full IT service companies in Kerala partnering with all major cloud Providers such as AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft, Digital Ocean, Zoho and many more.

While already being hailed as a process-oriented firm we also got our ISO 27001:2013 certification in 2022.

With a great team, Account Managers and a strong Management team the company drives forward even with post Covid-19 challenges that the information technology industry faces today.

The senior team members (most of them who have been with company ever since its inception) are the foothold hold of SupportSages. 100+ years of their combined experience, the strategic long-term training and frequent brain storming sessions help our trainees and junior team members to acquire the same skills and potential that their Seniors have. This in turn enables them to move in tune with the industry changes and demands.

Our industry best security practices, multiple redundancy and fail over systems and tools provide the desired conductive environment for the smooth execution of uninterrupted service delivery around the clock 365 days. One might be surprised but the physical office has never been shut down in its 11 years of continued service until recently when we were forced to move into working remotely due to the impact of Covid 19. However, the long term planning for remote work and with the tools we use for monitoring and tracking we have found that our staff is just as productive and the clients have only been happier with this outcome.

Our continuing and expanding client footprint entrust us to regularly redefine and set higher quality benchmarks. The no quality compromise policy of SupportSages, instills confidence in our existing customers to vouch for us and are the true brand ambassadors and promoters of SupportSages.

Our Team


Soumya Sivasankar


Abhilash P



Shafeer P
Chief System Architect (DevOps)

Nidhin George

Nidhin George
Senior Account Manager (Server Management)

Anitta Jose

Anitta Jose
Senior Account Manager – Helpdesk Support and Billing


Geethu Priya
Manager (Digital Marketing)


Manager (Human Resource)

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