Live chat Support Team – Technical Technical Live chat support offers 24/7 level1 technical support for common issues such as password reset, account suspension and activation, basic DNS issues, account level migrations, IP blocks etc.
Live Chat Support Team – Sales Our web hosting sales support team can help you with product promotions, Level1 technical support with good exposure to multiple payment methods such us Bitcoin, Credit card, PayPal, AliPay etc.
Live Chat Support Team – Billing Instant 24/7 assistance for billing operations such as invoice management, service renewals, affiliate program activation, domain management , package modification, level1 technical support etc.
Dedicated Team plan – Sales/Billing The plan offers you a five member team with proper training in Billing and Sales handling with high level of communication and customer service skills.
Semi-Dedicated Team Plan -Sales/Billing This five member professionally trained team members are highly competent to offer focused customer support with excellent customer service skills to enrich your client relationships and business.
Dedicated Night Shift Support – BatHawks This dedicated night shift support plan covers server administration and unlimited helpdesk support , Level2 technical support and Level3 server administration support during nights .
Dedicated Night Shift Support – Owls The plan offers the availability of a vendor certified Level2 server administrator with solid experience and expertise to manage your web hosting servers and helpdesk administration during Nights.

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