Devops Pipelines

Software delivery is only complete, when the code you have written is resilient to outages and traffic spikes and attacks. While assigning SupportSages DevOps team, what we guarantee in return is we will make your software delivery process more efficient.

We build, resilient, self-healing systems and use monitoring and alerting to catch the issues that cant be solved automatically, including those in your code!s

Our Offerings:


  • Infrastructure Audit
  • DevOps Consulting
  • Kubernetes Cluster Deployment


  • CI/CD Implementation
  • Monitoring System Development
  • Mailing System Development

SupportSages offers DevOps Pipelines as an automation solution for building, testing and deploying software as part of CI/CD pipelines. We provide optimization of all key processes and end to end orchestration of your Devops Pipeline

Why choose our SS Pipelines

1) Central Management of resources in a High availability environment, Horizontal scaling and multi user support.

2) Dependency Isolation: We will analyze the architecture and find the dependencies, latency/bottlenecks and do the
run time analysis.

3) Multi tool integration and the ability to run on a single pipeline in multi architecture nodes reduces the need to
have mutiple CI/CD pipelines.

4) Centralized KMS and Secret management which allows granular level permission control.

5) Realtimes dashboards to view and act upon alerts, notification and all bottlenecks.

6) Pipelines as Code: Code in standardized sytax that is easy to apply. All configurations are modular, versioned
and reusable.

SupportSages offers a unique DevOps as a Service programme which is tailored to manage and support your entire
public and private cloud infrastructure. We can fill your organisation’s technical skill gaps and provide security and
flexibility over your business needs, keep costs under control, and reduce downtime.

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