Team Plans – Semi-Dedicated Support Team

Semi-dedicated support team plan is a hybrid plan inherits the dedicated features of dedicated team and affordability of shared support. Here a dedicated support team is virtually shared across clients as per the subscribed plan specifications. Sharing of the team reduces the costs significantly but it also restricts the availability of complete features of a fully dedicated team. Semi-dedicated support team plans are not unlimited. The team you are using is shared by one or more web hosting providers. Eventhough the team assigned to you is as good as our dedicated team, it is the factor that the teams duties are split across the providers which makes the support limited at times. For example, in situation where it demands emergency support, we are assuming the probability of both the providers having emergency issues together is only 50%. And our response and resolution time guarantees will be affected in such emergency situations. If you clearly get the above limitations with semi-dedicated plans, please refer the plans below. Below plan rates are for a truly semi-dedicated plan. i.e your support team is shared by only one provider and not three or four, because for us, that would become shared support!
If this plan is not affordable for you, Click here to check out our Quasi Dedicated Plan



/per month



/per month



/per month

24x7 Support Coverage Yes Yes Yes
Vendor Certified Engineers Yes Yes Yes
Industry Level of Engineers L1 L2 L3
24/7 Server Monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Instant Messenger Support Yes Yes Yes
Number of clients per team 2 2 2
Number of servers < 30 < 80 < 150
Number of tickets* 25L1/6L2/3L3 40L1/12L2/6L3 50L1/20L2/10L3
Number of staffs 4 4 4
Helpdesk Support Yes Yes Yes
Response time guarantee < 15 mins < 15 mins < 15 mins
Resolution time guarantee 6 hours (99%) 3 hours (98%) 1 hour (95%)
Backup management Yes Yes Yes
Daily Report (On Demand) Yes Yes Yes
Whom do they report to Account Manager Account Manager Operations Manager
On call (On Demand)* Yes Yes Yes
Video Chat (On Demand)* Yes Yes Yes
Data migration Websites Servers Datacenter
Best suited for Shared/Reseller hosting Shared/Reseller/VPS/Cloud/Dedicated hosting with control panels Any OS/Any or no control panel/Any purpose
Disaster Recovery No Maybe Yes
Desktop Monitoring No No No
Niche Market Training** No Yes Yes
Team setup time < 2 days < 2 days < 2 days
No Setup fees Yes Yes Yes
Total number of staffs (including AM & QA) 6 6 5
Monthly pricing ₹144000 ₹200000 ₹320000

Have a custom requirement or a mix of L1+L2+L3 ? Let us know!


  • Can a L1 team handle L3 tickets as well ?

    Ans:Yes. Our training equips them to handle L3 tickets as well. However they may be slow in solving an L3 issue, especially if it is first time. We document every new issue our staffs face along with its work-around or a proper solution in our internal KB and that is yet another reason why our L1 team is equiped to handle L3 issues as well.

  • Why can't I monitor my staff's desktop ?

    Ans: For privacy and security reasons. We respect privacy of both the staff and the other hosting provider sharing the same team.

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