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SupportSages engineers loves HyperV for various reasons. It was one project which had MS actively contribute to the Linux Kernel under the terms of GPL. With HyperV (V3.0) on Windows Server 2012, it has significantly matured causing less / zero issues with the VM management, especially with VM Live migration.

24/7 Guest Monitoring

We monitor each and every HyperV environment – including the guests in the server. We monitor using a monitoring tool available in the market enabling us to monitor and manage your VPS’s performance better.

Free Migration

We help in migrating the VMs, from VMWare, from HyperV and even does manual migrations of the websites to the guests under the Hoster plan. We extensive experience with Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter Solution Accelerator as well (for windows based VMs) and other tools for Linux VMs.

SAN Migration

We can help you in the migration of iSCSI SAN to Fiber Channel SAN.

Convert VMWare vSphere VMs to MS HyperV

We can help you convert VMWare vSphere VMs to MS HyperV. Please note that we will be using a free 5nine V2V Easy Converter for the purpose. Reverse procedure (HyperV to VMDK) can be done using vCenter XVP Manager.

Backup Management

Whether you choose Veeam, Symantec, Acronis or any other vendor’s backup tool, we manage the backup ensuring that the backups are properly taken as per schedule and fixing issues, if it isn’t.


We regularly patch your host and guest OSes and ensure that you in turn be a responsible VPS provider.

Storage Management

Whether you want to use a shared virtual hard disk (VHDX) between multiple VMs or to try out the relatively newer virtual Fibre Channel for Fibre Channel Storage, SupportSages can be of help. We can also help in compacting and resizing VHDs as well.

Performance Tuning

Performance tuning is considered as the toughest job by us, not because it is tough to do, but it is the goals set by our clients which makes it tougher for us 🙂 If you are admitting that slow performance is subjective, we can work towards a common goal.

Resource Optimization

Memory Management, CPU resource and above all, disk space optimization will be done under our HyperV Hoster server management plan.

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