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I appreciate your help. You guys definitely know your …..It is nice to keep you around if i ever run into problems. i’ll hire you


They work perfect!!! You guys are the best! I will happily send some more money for the extra coding there if you can send me your paypal email one more time. Thanks again!


I’m not gonna lie. That’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I honestly feel like I should pay you more 🙂 Awesome, you rock

Over IM

Just to let you know, I highly recommend SupportSages; they are very flexible and knowledgeable, and they do their job right! The best company I’ve seen


Am currently a supportsages client and I must say they really are truly working 24/7. when my server goes down, they send me an email notification and if they dont hear response from me they will go ahead and fix the problem. Its so nice to know that i can sleep very well at night because someone manages my servers 24/7! I am really happy and satisfied

EMS Jones

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