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Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

SupportSages is your cloud migration partner, working together with your IT team to ensure a smooth and efficient cloud transition. One of the key requirements for successful cloud migration is establishing secure and reliable network and infrastructure foundations.

SupportSages helps its customers to migrate to cloud including moving – applications, storage, websites, databases, physical or virtual servers, or an entire data center – from an on-premises environment, hosting facility, or across public and private cloud platforms.

By using well architected migration best practices we ensure our clients’ projects achieves the desired business outcomes.


Our Cloud Migration Strategy

Following are the steps we take to securely migrate to cloud

Step 1: Cost Assessment: SupportSages will do a cost estimate of the current and proposed infra. We will then review the data model and review the applications. Next the functionality will be tested for the proposed infra and then total estimate for the migration will be done.

Step 2: Dependency Isolation: We will analyze the architecture and find the dependencies, latency/bottlenecks and do the run time analysis.

Step 3: Plan Strategy: Environment Mapping, Message Mapping, Service Segmentation

Step 4: Implementation: Move to cloud, Active Migation, Storage and API Setup, Service Commissioning, add new features

Step 5: Leverage cloud – Autoscaling, Storage, Security layer setup, Exploit cloud utilities, code optimisation

Step 6: Test Migration – Modular Testing, Proof of concept testing, test migration, stress testing, client testing

Step 7: Optimize and iterate – Message Optimisation, Compliance Assessment, Response Time Optimisation, Core optimisation, Iterate and sign off

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