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Our Server Management solutions include server setup, server hardening, monitoring support, backup management, security administration, abuse management, recovery operations etc. Our server administration plans are available from 15 minutes.It also spans from emergency support to dedicated level3 server administration teams.

Server uptime is one of the most decisive factors of any web Host. SupportSages redefined theoutsourced server administration scenario with the introduction of comprehensive yet customisableserver administration plans. Our highly competent remote server administration team facilitatesyour business growth through assured high server uptime

The following plans offers server solutions;

Server Management

Complete server management is available from regular
15 minutes slots toan entirely dedicated four member team.

Our server management plan is available even for
US $10 / Month

Server Monitoring

Proactive and reactive monitoring of services and servers
assures uninterrupted service delivery.

Manual reactive server monitoring is available for
US $14.95 / Month

3rd Party Software

Custom software installation and configuration services

Backup Management

Backup and data redundancy solutions.

Backup Solutions starts from
US $12 per month

Data Migrations

Data migration across different platforms

Website migrations for
US $5

Scripting Service

Task automation through shell scripts

Our scripting charges per hour
US $10

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