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Large [100+ servers]

No doubt, you must be having your own dedicated server management team, unless you are a tech person yourself, 90% or more of those 100+ servers are for dedicated hosting purposes, and your DC gives you managed support.

Thank you for giving us a chance to be your support partner. How big is your staffing needs ? Do you need billing personnels as well ? How about sales team ? Who manages your servers ?

You are in the right place. Why ?

1. Our staffs are more productive

We have often get complements that our staffs are more productive than the firms our clients moved from. And it’s a result of combined effort.

2. Better server management

We manage the servers pro-actively that we notice and fix the issues even before clients know it.

3. We understand your clients better

We don’t push the tickets unnecessarily and often resolve it in the first response itself. Our average issue resolution happens on an average of 2.7 responses.

4. Caters your entire hosting support needs

We can cater your entire hosting support needs – tech support, server administration, billing, pre-sales and sales. You have to do the marketing though 🙂

5. Better communication skills

We take extreme pride in our team’s customer service and communication skills and never compromise on any aspect of hosting support services.
Since our dedicated server management plan  is purely a custom plan crafted according to the hosting company, we would need you to provide us with details on your staffing needs and budget. Contact Us! We know for sure that, we care your customers more than (may be not more, but at least as good as) you do.

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