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We appreciate you for taking the first step towards pursuing your dream of an entrepreneurship with confidence. Team SupportSages has been fortunate to witness the evolution of a number of industry leaders from the timid startups, who decided to walk with us some time ago.

From our experiences, we realize that the immense growth potential of startups are heavily curtailed by some misconception or myths carried by the owners.




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24/7 Support Yes Yes Yes
Server Monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Live Chat Support No No Yes( 50 Chats)
No. of Tickets (L1+L2) 75 150 250
Number of L3 Tickets 5 10 20
Response Time 30 Minutes 30 Min 30 Min
Avg. Resolution Time 6 Hours 6 Hours 6 Hours
Sales/Billing Escalation Yes Yes Yes
Operating System Windows/Linux Windows/Linux Windows/Linux
Control Panel Cpanel/Plesk/DirectAdmin Cpane/Plesk/DA Any
Abuse Management No Yes Yes
Account Migrations 20 Accounts 50 Accounts 100 Accounts
Backup Configuration Yes Yes Yes
Server Administration 2 Hours 5 Hours 10 Hours
Emergency Management Yes Yes Yes
Account Restore Yes Yes Yes
Price $199 $349 $499

  • Myth 1: Its only startup, I can handle support as well

    Fact: Support quality is the crucial aspect of Good Will, which propels the business augmentation process. When the owner has to dedicate more time to customer support, the primary focus gets changed from business development and it affects the organizational growth prospects.

  • Myth 2: Employing a support team is expensive and is not affordable

    Fact : Outsourced support teams are much cheaper than in-house ones and are mostly affordable.

  • Myth 3: Backup solutions are expensive and is not an absolute necessary

    Fact: Absence of backup solution may lead to data loss and will leave a burning scar in the companies reputation

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