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Server Management Services

Let us take care of your servers 24/7/365. Get rid of all the hassles of server management. Our server management services include server hardening, 3rd party software installations, 24/7 server monitoring, reboot assistance, server migrations, backup configuration – by entrusting the management of your with SupportSages Few of our core expertise is listed below,
  • Operating Systems – Linux / Windows / FreeBSD / Solaris
  • Web Server Management – Apache / lighttpd / Nginx / LiteSpeed / Zeus
  • Database Server Management – MySQL / postgreSQL / Oracle
  • Virtualization – OpenVZ / Xen / VMWare / Qemu
  • Proactive Server Monitoring
  • Proactive Security Update Services
  • Security auditing
  • Account / Server / Datacenter migration
  • Mail server management – Sendmail / Qmail / Exim / PostFix
  • Control panels – cPanel / Plesk / DirectAdmin / Virtuozzo / HyperVM / LXA etc
  • Spam & Abuse management
  • DNS server management – BIND / djbdns / tinydns
  • Disaster Management- 911 service
  • Hacked Server- Forensics & Recovery

We have various plans fitting your needs:

Per Hour

24/7/365 On Demand Support starts from just $10!! We charge in 15 minutes slots or on an hourly basis. Many a time, a software/script installations or configurations won't take more than 15 minutes. We have different levels of support as well, L1, L2 and L3. Do check out our time based plans, listed below.

800.00  /Slot
1,600.00  /Slot
2,800.00  / Per Hour

Per Server

    Step 1: Choose the purpose for which server is used for

    Step 2: Choose the OS

    Step 3: Choose the control panel

    Per Admin

    Server maintenance is an extremely complex job and needs to be performed by a seasoned server administrator. Our server administrators have immense experience and expertise in provisioning, operating and managing servers. Server Admins allotted to you under this "Per Admin" plan will also have experience in developing code in at least one high-level programming language like Perl or Python or PHP.

    To a list a few more skillset, server admins at SupportSages have,

    • Experience in automation and testing via scripting/programing
    • Understanding of agile and other development processes and methodologies
    • Years of expertise in Disaster management & DRP
    • Experience in enterprise level server management

    24/7 Admin Team

    Server Administrators are those whom the entire support team escalates the issues to and is normally on-call 24/7. But when the rates of on-call increases beyond a level, the situation demands the need for more than one System Administrator or even a team of Server Administrators.

    All of the hand picked server administrators possess at-par skillsets with their peers in the team and are second to none.

    PS: We would need 30 days setup time for this service.


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