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Sales/Billing Support Teams

24/7 dedicated billing team is an extension to our Hire an Expert / Billing & Sales operator where you form one or more teams of four members each. Each of the team member have experience and expertise in handling various billing softwares such as WHMCS, Blesta, ClientExec, AWBS, Plesk Billing and so on. Billing personnel can act as sales officers also since they have proven soft skills in converting an enquiry to an order. We have two dedicated team plans, one is Semi-billers and the other is Billers. The Semi-billers team is shared between to clients.This team can handle less than 65 tickets a day. The Biller team plan is dedicated to an single client and the team can handle more 150 tickets a day. Please be aware that if you plan to hire a billing staff to take care of your sales enquiries as well, do let us know in advance so that we can get you the right candidate. We have a setup time of 7 days for a billing team to be setup as there may be a shortage of billing personnel in the bench. You can find more details about two billing team plans in the table given below



/per month



/per month

24x7 Support Coverage Yes Yes
Total tickets per day < 65 tickets < 150 tickets
Total ticket replies per day < 150 replies < 400 replies
Live chats per day < 50 chats < 120 chats
Number of order processing < 60 orders < 120 orders
Daily reports On demand On demand
Instant Messenger Support Yes Yes
Number of clients per team 2 1
On call (On Demand)* Emergency Calls Yes
Team setup time 3 days 7 days
Total number of staffs (including backup) 5 5
Initial Policy Training Yes Yes
Pricing ₹120000 ₹224000

*Prefers chat solutions having Linux/Web based clients than those having windows based solutions only.

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