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OpenNebula (One) is an Apache-licensed IaaS solution, which offer an image/template repository and a storage backend supporting NFS, GlusterFS, iSCSI, and LVM. OpenNebula is managed by a single organization that focuses on the interest of the project and strategically leads it to ensure that it meets the needs of the users and the community than other Cloud Management Platforms like Openstack and Cloudstack. Hence we can say that OpenNebula is more open than the rest of the Cloud Management Platforms and at the same time can provide an enterprise-ready open-source cloud solution.

OpenNebula do not deliver enterprise editions of their software, they commercially support the community software. In other words, the community versions of OpenNebula are not limited editions of enterprise versions.

The OpenNebula main distribution provides an implementation of OGF OCCI and in its ecosystem there are implementations of DMTF CIMI and OVF, and SNIA CDMI. To manage physical machines both graphical and command-line interface are provided in OpenNebula. The cloud interface provided by OpenNebula is OCCI API, Amazon EC2 API, Libvirt API, Proprietary API. The OCCI API provides a general API so that it can be integrated with different cloud management software. The OCCI API provides the functionality for performing both the virtual machine management operations and the virtual network management operations.

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