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Data center Management Services

With advances in technology, remote and offshore datacenter management is a cost-saving options for the datacenters. Total cost of ownership (TCOs) gets reduced by as much as 45 to 50% in the very first month itself. DCMI, IPMI, DRAC, KVMoIP, MegaRAC and similar out of band management options are available. They inturn gives us the level of access to the servers as if we are in front of the server. However while proposing the offshore datacenter management, we fully realize the importance of having a datacenter technician to do swappnings of tape, power cables, HDD replacement etc. The service delivery is based on the ITIL framework and made available on a 24x7x365 basis. The data center management services we offer:

Vendor and Asset Management

We can monitor and maintain the database of your various IT vendors, log the calls to them and track their response and resolution time commitments as per the SLA provided in their agreements.

Server Management Services

Our talented and experienced sages, can perform remote infrastructure management and do round the clock monitoring of the servers in each rack. Depending on the tools you use, we can also help in tracking disk space, memory and network bandwidth and generate marketing emails doing upselling. We can also help in security administration and cluster administration.

Network and Server Monitoring

Event based monitoring of servers and routing devices (SNMP PET) is required to maintain high availability of servers. Our alert 24/7 monitoring team take proactive actions on alerts coming from monitoring tools.

Data center Automation

While we admit that cloud computing solutions has eased the automation of the repetitive tasks at a software layer, not all has moved from dedicated infrastructures to cloud and we can help in automating tasks like server provisioning, configuration, patching etc with the right set of tools.

Backup Management

No datacenter who is also a “managed server provider” needs to be told about the importance of backup of their managed servers. Our backup management services, ensure regular backup, data protection and data recovery in the event of a system failure or an IT disaster. Database Administration Services Whether it is Oracle or MySQL or PostgreSQL or any NoSQL databases, we are capable of maintaining high-availability of databases. We adopt methods to back up the database on the fly at regular intervals and perform 24 x 7 monitoring and log vital database health parameters

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